Rolling a double: 2 Minnesota cities will appear on a new Monopoly board

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You roll a double, you pass Go, you collect $200 and you land on ... Waconia?

Minneapolis will take up the prestigious position of "Park Place" in a new version of Monopoly out this fall, but it's not the only Minnesota city represented.

There will be plenty of community chests swelled with pride in Waconia, population 10,700, which will be the new Baltic Avenue. The Pioneer Press reports the city's surprise inclusion is the result of a write-in campaign.

Minneapolis will take up the second-most expensive space, alongside Pierre, the tiny state capital of South Dakota which will be the new "Boardwalk," makers Hasbro announced on Thursday.

Waconia's spot on Baltic Avenue is the second-cheapest space.

Hasbro allowed online voters to choose what would appear in two new "Here and Now" versions of the game – one featuring U.S. cities and another with world cities – and more than 4 million votes were cast.

It provided a list of cities for people to vote for, with the top 20 taking up 20 properties on the board.

As a result, staying at a hotel in Minneapolis or Pierre – which won thanks to a campaign by the city's mayor and the state's tourism board – will carry the very real risk of bankruptcy.

But Hasbro also ran a separate Wild Card round, which allowed people to write in with additional locations that were not included in the board game makers' initial list of destinations and cities, of which Waconia was a winner alongside Chesapeake, Virginia.

So if you're looking for cheap hotel stay – head to Waconia.

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