Group sends endangered species condoms to romantic St. Paul


Just in time for Valentine's Day, more than 4,000 condoms are being delivered to the country's "most romantic" cities in an effort to raise awareness about the world's endangered species.

WCCO reports the Center for Biological Diversity announced its intention to distribute the condoms to several cities, including St. Paul.

Last month, USA Today named St. Paul the most romantic getaway in North America. Some of the runners up included Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; New Orleans; Naples, Florida; and Honolulu, Hawaii.

"Valentine's Day is the perfect time to spread a message of love by speaking out about human population growth and endangered species protection," said the center's Taralynn Reynolds to Living Green Magazine. "Endangered Species Condoms are a great way to start the conversation about how our actions have impacts on polar bears, panthers and other critically endangered species."

Talk about exciting pillow talk.

The condoms are wrapped in colorful packages and feature six different endangered species. More than a half-million have been given away since 2009, according to the magazine.

Reynolds added that the condoms are a fun way to get people talking about how the growing human population – now over 7 billion – "isn't leaving much room for other species."

The packages feature pictures of animals like polar bears, leatherback turtles and dwarf seahorses.

Although, if you are looking for the condoms, City Pages reports you may have to look in the other Twin City. A volunteer told City Pages he would be passing them out near the Bell Museum on the U of M campus or around Lake and Hennepin in Minneapolis.

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