Rooster follows crosswalk on its way to coffee shop, later leads police on chase

He hit up a coffee shop and led police on a chase – all before 9 a.m.

A rooster that was weirdly respectful of traffic laws wound up leading police on a brief chase after hitting up a coffee drive-thru.

This happened in Sartell, around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday. Sartell PD said on Facebook an officer stopped as a rooster waddled across 2nd Street in a marked crosswalk.

"With no law violation by the rooster, and nothing seeming afowl, as well as being impressed that it crossed in a marked crosswalk, the officer allowed him to move on about his morning business," police wrote.

The bird's next stop? Liquid Assets coffee shop. The manager, Debby Duncan, snapped a couple photos.

"This is the first time we have ever had something like this happen," Duncan told GoMN in an email. "Everyone had a great time with the whole thing and he seemed to be enjoying himself. We all thought he wanted the Early Bird Special!"

He was eventually caught

The rooster strutted down the shop's drive-thru, and police said at that point the animal was "ordered to stop" by officers. 

The rooster didn't feel like listening, and led police on a "short foot chase." 

He was eventually nabbed with the help of Sartell Public Works and the Minnesota State Patrol, Sartell PD said.

The St. Cloud Times reports a nearby farmer that was missing a rooster took the bird in.

Here's some video police posted:

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