Rosemount candidate who lost coin flip won't seek recount

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There will be no talk of contested ballots or hanging chads, there will be no gathering around and hand recounting every ballot in the city of Rosemount this week.

According to the Pioneer Press, the Rosemount City Council candidate who was on the wrong side of a coin flip to break a tie in last week's primary will not seek a recount.

Jamal Abdulahi lost the flip to Alba Nowlin after they tied with 252 votes apiece to be the fourth candidate to advance to the general election for two City Council seats.

State statute called for a random method to break the tie, and on Friday the coin flip came up tails and Abdulahi was defeated.

Abdulahi had five days to contest and ask for a recount, but said in a guest column in the Dakota County Tribune that he would not challenge the result.

"I lost the coin toss. No one likes to have their destiny determine by stochastic process with no more than 50 percent chances. My legal counsel, close friends and many of my supporters encouraged me to exercise my legal rights and request a hand recount. I am deeply grateful for their support, but will not oblige.

I will not request a hand recount because it's not in the best interest of our community. A hand recount will cost the city money to organize it and conduct. This is money that should be spent on the very issue I want to address and would have as council member. Spending money on a recount is antithetical to my core principle of fiscal responsibility."

The November general election ballot will include Nowlin, incumbent Mark DeBettignies, Shaun P. Nelson and Kerry S. Hiben for the two seats on the City Council.

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