Rosemount police drop ticket issued to man who dodged pothole

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Police have decided to drop the ticket against a driver who swerved to avoid a pothole instead of driving in it and risking damage to his truck.

Allen Moe was ticketed on Saturday for failing to stay in his lane on Shannon Parkway in Rosemount. He vowed that he would fight the $128 ticket.

Rosemount Police Chief Eric Werner announced Wednesday that the department discussed the ticket with the city's attorney and decided to reverse the citation, the Pioneer Press reports.

"Police officers are required to make numerous judgment decisions throughout the day. The Rosemount Police Department is always committed to reviewing the work of its members to ensure the best service is provided to the community," Werner said in a statement, according to FOX 9.

Werner met with Moe to go over the decision, reports say.

Moe isn't the only one who has been swerving to miss street craters during one of the worst pothole seasons in recent years. And he wasn't the only one who swerved to avoid potholes on Shannon Parkway – even Rosemount Mayor Bill Droste has done it.

The road conditions on Shannon Parkway have been discussed at numerous city council meetings this year. The parkway is scheduled to be resurfaced this June and the city is confident that will eliminate the problem.

Potholes have been a plague in much of the state this spring, due in large part to the harsh winter and a lot of freezing and thawing cycles, the Minnesota Department of Transportation says. A St. Paul street maintenance supervisor told the Pioneer Press this is the worst year for potholes he’s seen.

Potholes are popping tires and wrecking car suspensions, and in one widely publicized case, causing injury. Just last week, a man suffered a mild concussion and scratched cornea when his airbag deployed after hitting a pothole on a Minneapolis street.

MnDOT and city officials are well aware of the pothole problem and are working to fix them, but all the rain that fell last week made the potholes even worse and kept repair crews off the streets.

Hennepin County has even issued a statement explaining that they’re doing what they can and inviting motorists to use their Report a Pothole form. Dakota County, where Rosemount is located, is using an online pothole reporting system. MnDOT also has a place on its website where you can report a pothole.

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