Rumor Has It – a Wisconsin German Shepherd won the Westminster Dog Show

Some Minnesota dogs competed, but they didn't win.

A Samoyed from Blaine and a berger Picard from Elko competed in the prestigious Westminster Dog Show this week, but neither was crowned top dog.

The Best in Show winner of the 141st annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show wasn't too far away, though. It was a German shepherd named Rumor. She's from Wisconsin.

Rumor's full name is GCH CH Lockenhaus’ Rumor Has It V Kenlyn – and yes, she's named after the Adele song.

The kennel club says Rumor competed last year too, but she finished second to a German shorthaired pointer.

After that loss, Rumor's owner, Kent Boyles, planned on retiring the pooch.

So when the 5-year-old dog made it out again this year, she was a sentimental favorite of the crowd, the kennel club says.

Rumor's win wasn't just a big accomplishment for herself, but also for her breed. The last time a German shepherd won Best in Show was 1987.

This was the 104th career win for Rumor. And Boyles says this is definitely going to be Rumor's last major show.

So what will retirement looks like?

Boyles says Rumor has a big things ahead of her.

The dog is going to switch her focus from work to family. She plans to spice up her love life, and maybe even raise some puppies.

How'd the MN dogs do?

The berger Picard from Eclipse Kennels in Elko won Best in Breed but was eliminated after Rumor was named winner of the Herding Group.

And the Samoyed didn't win Best in Breed, but got an award of merit in the competition.

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