Rush hour shootout on Minneapolis highway leaves man dead

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Minneapolis police want to hear from witnesses after a shooting on a north side highway left a man dead.

Police say two groups traded gunfire near the intersection of Olson Memorial Highway and Penn Ave. at about 3:30 Wednesday.


At least one gun was recovered along with several shell casings, they said.

FOX 9 and WCCO report there was also a crash that may have been involved, though it was not clear if it occurred before or after the shooting.

A statement from police says more than 20 officers were at the scene, with some redirecting traffic while others searched the area.

According to the Star Tribune, audio from a dispatcher indicated police found nearly 45 shell casings at the site.

The police statement says four investigators have already spoken with a number of cooperative witnesses and are urging more to come forward. Officers will be knocking on doors and asking neighbors about the incident, they said.

Anyone with information is asked to call 612-692-TIPS.

A medical examiner will release the name of the man who was killed.

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