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Russ rules over Halloween at Go Show: 5 takeaways

Fans were treated to an extended set, as well as surprise performances from Allan Kingdom and Finding Novyon

It was no tricks and all treats last night at the Fine Line for the latest sold-out Go Show. Russ, Why Khaliq, Nazeem & Spencer Joles and special surprise guests Allan Kingdom and Finding Novyon made it a hip-hop Halloween to remember. Here are our five takeaways.

Nazeem & Spencer Joles have sax appeal - One of the best openers we've seen this year, the duo of Nazeem & Spencer Joles got the raucous Fine Line crowd hype for Russ, and even brought their own small orchestra on-stage. Pro tip: turns out rap fans love saxophone solos.

It's always a good time for Allan Kingdom - Mr. Peter Parker has some good friends who are always nice to see on Halloween, and last night -- a week before his Mill City Nights performance at our next Go Vote event with Dilated Peoples -- Allan Kingdom came out for a short, but sweet performance that also saw a visit from Finding Novyon.

Russ isn't on the best terms with his exes - Russ talked quite a bit during his extensive set, and as crazy as the crowd went for his lyrics, his sarcastic remarks about his former relationships seemed to resonate just as much.

Russ is there for his mother - One of the night's most touching moments was Russ mentioning how the year started with his family broke, including his mother getting her car repossessed. This story has a happy ending as Russ said last month he was able to buy his mother a new car in cash.

The fans' really know Russ' lyrics - Given how the show sold out well in advance, we shouldn't be surprised how passionate Russ' fanbase was last night. However, their memorization of every word, including "For the Stunt" which dropped less than a week ago, was impressive.

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