Rybak: 'I had more heart damage at junior prom'

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WCCO relayed what former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak has already said on the internet: His arteries are clear and he has more energy than ever.

Rybak titled his blog post Saturday,"I Had More Heart Damage at my Junior Prom." Most of the post was devoted to thanking his family, the friends who called 911, and the caregivers from the ambulance to Abbott Northwestern staff. He also wrote he was deeply grateful for support from his many cheerleaders in the public and on social media.

He wrote he has some bruises but no permanent heart damage.

I am in a good physical therapy program at Hennepin Co. Medical Center where they put me on treadmills with a great view of the Downtown East development. I won’t be skiing the City of Lakes Loppet this year…which just about kills me…but I will be at the Luminary Loppet. Expect me to go back to being an exercise maniac soon.

He wrote he's been working, and preparing to teach Mayor 101 at the University of Minnesota, which starts next week.

Now, in a bizarre twist, I am feeling better than I have in years. Makes sense when you think about it because three arteries that were blocked (two of them very blocked) are now cleaned up and my heart is just in much better shape than before. So I have a lot more energy, which, to those who have told me in the past that I’m too hyper, this can be a very scary thought.

Rybak had been cross country skiing at Wirth Park Jan. 3, when he felt chest pains. Friends called 911, and he was taken by ambulance to Abbott Northwestern, where he underwent two surgeries to repair blocked arteries. He was released after three days there.

FOX 9 reported heart disease runs in the Rybak family. The former mayor and his children say they will campaign to raise awareness of the symptoms of heart disease.

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