Rybak urges bigger filing fee to keep Minneapolis mayoral field smaller


Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak thinks the bar should be raised to run for mayor in the city.

In his blog, Rybak says the city should raise the filing fee, from the $20 it has remained at for the last 46 years. He is not running for re-election.

Rybak writes, "While that fee may have made sense in 1967, today the bar is simply too low for anyone to get their name on the ballot. As a direct result of that too-low fee, voters in 2013 are faced with 35 candidates to choose from, including far too many candidates who have not made any effort to engage seriously with voters. It's no wonder people are confused."

Rybak also expressed excitement about ranked choice voting. Other cities like San Francisco and Oakland have used ranked choice voting in recent elections.

Candidates also announced their pre-election fundraising totals.

The Star Tribune reports that Mark Andrew raised the most money at $420,284. Betsy Hodges was second, she raised $285,266. Jackie Cherryholmes raised just over $116,000, while Cam Winton and Don Samuels were each over $100,000. Bob Fine raised $21,000, Stephanie Woodruff raised just over $5,000, and Dan Cohen raised nearly $1,800.

Those candidates have just one week left to reach the city's voters.

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