Sabo Bridge reopens, again

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A Minneapolis pedestrian bridge reopened late Monday for a second time, after nearly $1 million in repairs, the city announced. The 215-foot bridge is considered an important link in the city's Midtown Greenway bike and pedestrian network.

The Sabo Bridge closed in February after one of the support cables broke loose. Consultant Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates ultimately said the failure happened because of wind-induced cable vibrations, which caused cracking in diaphragm plates.

Temporary supports allowed the bridge to open for the summer, but it closed again in September to buttress the cables.

City and county officials are working to get reimbursement from the California company that designed the bridge, MPR reports.

This may not be the last time the bridge closes. Temporary closures may happen in 2013 for painting, lighting and screen installation, the city says.

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Sabo reopens Friday until next repair phase

Workers installed a retrofitted diaphragm plate on the Sabo pedestrian bridge this week and the bridge reopened Friday morning, at least until more repairs are done to finish the project. Engineers will then plan and schedule repairs to the rest of the bridge’s diaphragm plates later this year.

Report: Wind to blame for Sabo Bridge failure

Hennepin County and the city of Minneapolis released this press release Friday. In short, a preliminary report suggests that wind is to blame for the failure of two cable connections on the Martin Olav Sabo pedestrian and biking bridge in Minneapolis. The bridge was closed from Feb. 19 to June 1.

Sabo bridge closure costs more than $1.1M

Officials with the city of Minneapolis, Hennepin County and the Met Council told Minnesota Public Radio the cost to shutdown and repair the pedestrian and bicycle crossing topped $1.1 million. The Sabo Bridge was closed for three-and-a-half months after two of the bridge's supporting cables came loose in February. A report released in June blames the failure on wind vibrations.

Sabo bridge reopens to bikes, pedestrians

The Sabo bridge, which was closed after a pair of support cables broke in February, is reopening Friday afternoon to foot and bike traffic. Structural support was added underneath the bridge deck. Minneapolis is awaiting a report on what caused the cables to break loose.

Sabo Bridge could reopen by June

Officials say that Minneapolis is striving to reopen the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge by June 4, the Star Tribune reports. The bicycle and pedestrian span over Hiawatha Avenue has been closed for three months, after the fracture of a steel anchor led the bridge’s tallest set of cables to fall from the mast on Feb 19.

Sabo bridge plates had 'poor fatigue resistance'

Cable diaphragm plates that cracked on the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge, leading officials to shut down the span for months this year, had "welded details that offer poor fatigue resistance," according to a 140-page report released Friday by the city of Minneapolis.