Sad ending to the search for Jackson the tiny Italian greyhound


A sad ending to the search for a tiny Italian greyhound that captivated the city of Rochester.

Jackson got loose from an in-home boarding facility on Dec. 16, 2014, while the Macken family was on vacation. But on Saturday, Jenna Macken, the 6-year-old dog's owner, wrote on the Find Jackson Facebook event page that he was found dead under a patio of a home.

"We'll miss you more than you'll ever know," Macken wrote. "...Your absence has left a huge hole in our hearts but has also made us grateful for the many memories we have of you. You honestly were the best dog ever, little man."

The family cut their vacation short when they learned Jackson and their other dog, Tyson, had gotten loose from the boarding facility. Tyson was soon found unharmed, but Jackson, who is known to be skittish, couldn't be tracked down.

The search for the dog attracted many in the city of Rochester, who joined in on searches for the dog, spread the word via social media posts and hung up fliers.

"There are not enough words to express how thankful my family and I are to all of you who helped and stood by our side," Macken wrote.

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