Safest-drivers list: Minneapolis, St. Paul skid


Minneapolis and St. Paul drivers are getting a little worse.

So says a new list from Allstate that ranks 194 cities to find out which has the safest drivers.

Minneapolis was No. 66, down from 57 last year.

St. Paul was No. 53, down from 47 last year.

The average driver in Minneapolis goes 9.9 years between accidents; St. Paul drivers go 10.1 years.

Minneapolis was slightly above the national average in its accident rate; St. Paul was slightly below.

The safest drivers are in Fort Collins, Colo.; Boise, Idaho; and Souix Falls, S.D., according to the report.

The least-safe drivers were in Providence, R.I.; Baltimore and Washington, D.C. It was the sixth year in a row that the nation's capital ranked last, the Washington Post noted.

In the ranking, smaller cities fared better and big cities were more typically found at the bottom of the list, Reuters notes.

Twin Cities drivers will get a chance to test their patience and their driving skills on Thursday night, when three major events promise to snarl traffic – the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings and the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher football team all have games. And the State Fair continues in St. Paul.

State safety officials offer special reminders to drivers at this time of year as school buses begin to roll.

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