Salaries for tech workers are on the rise, especially in Twin Cities

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Salaries for technology professionals in the Twin Cities have reached a record high.

Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal says the average salary is in the six-figure range for the first time.

A new survey from – a career website – says the average salary for tech workers was $100,379 in 2015. That's up 9 percent in a year.

The state's average is also significantly higher than the nation's, which increased by 7.7 percent and is at $96,370.

Bob Melk, the president of Dice, told eWEEK that Minneapolis is an "emerging tech hub." And according to the survey, Minneapolis is the seventh highest paying metro area in the county. The Twin Cities were ranked 12th the previous year, the Business Journal reports.

The highest paying metro area was Silicon Valley where tech workers made an average of $118, 243. New York and Los Angeles followed.

The workers are also becoming for satisfied with their pay, eWEEK notes. The technology news source says employees reporting satisfaction has increased by a percent.

More than 16,000 working technology professionals took Dice's online survey, according to the report. It was conducted between Oct. 6 and Nov. 25.

The survey also looked into which tech skills payed the best. Dice says jobs that specialize in storage, data analytics and database management paid the best. You can check out the list of top paying skills here. 

In August, the same website ranked Minnesota as the fasted growing state for technology jobs. The report said Minnesota's tech workforce increased by 8.36 percent in six months.

Dice attributed Minnesota's job growth to the combination of startups, service providers and major corporations throughout the state.

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