Sales flat at General Mills; 50 new products coming in next 6 months


Betty Crocker and the Green Giant will get lots of new cousins in 2014.

General Mills says a wave of new products will carry over into the new year, the Business Journal reports. The Golden Valley-based company says it plans to release more than 50 new retail products in the next six months. That's in addition to 100 that it launched in the past six months, the Business Journal says. Many of the new offerings will be snack foods, although five new breakfast cereals are in the works.

The new lines might give a boost to a company where sales were flat in the most recent quarter, although earnings did rise 1.5 percent, the Wall Street Journal notes.

In Wednesday's earnings report, General Mills said newly acquired businesses overseas helped offset weak growth in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal reports that cereal and yogurt have been a drag on business recently, but the company is looking to improved marketing in the new year to change that.

Marketing is something that must be done carefully, though, particularly when it comes to breakfast cereal. CBS reports government officials have taken a dim view of the use of animated mascots such as Tony the Tiger, who has long hawked Frosted Flakes (formerly Sugar Frosted Flakes) for Kellogg's.

Investor Place made General Mills its stock of the day Wednesday. The editor of Blue Chip Growth ultimately advised investors that General Mills is a brand worth holding.

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