Salt and battered? DWI suspect's fish fry defense doesn't fly with jury

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Apparently the jurors in Adams County, Wisconsin, simply did not believe John Przybyla's explanation for why he smelled like alcohol when a deputy pulled him over in 2014.

Przybyla said it wasn't that he was drinking beer – although he did have some. But he ate it.

You see, he'd been at a fish fry up State Highway 82 ... and he'd enjoyed some beer battered fish. So that must be what accounted for the beer smell, Przybyla reasoned, according to the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.

But this week the verdict came in and jurors were not buying any fish stories.

Przybyla, 76, has now been convicted of drunk driving 10 times, the Tribune says, which means he could face up to 12 1/2 years in prison when he's sentenced.

The paper explains that while a breath test put Przybyla's blood alcohol level at .062 – which is within the legal limit for most drivers – Wisconsin residents with three or more drunk driving convictions have a limit of just .02.

There was also the fact that Przybyla was driving with a revoked license, WSAU reports, for which he was convicted of a misdemeanor. No sentencing date was set, the station says.

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