Salvation Army red kettles receive 4th $1,000 donation


Some of the Salvation Army's red kettles are seeing mysteriously large amounts of green in the Twin Cities area.

The Star Tribune reports there have been four anonymous donations in the form of 10 $100 bills this holiday season.

The Salvation Army in a press release dubbed the mysterious contributor or contributors "St. Grand."

The charity organization said the latest two St. Grand donations were both made in Roseville: one at the Rainbow Foods on Larpenteur Avenue and the other at the Byerly's on County Road C.

WCCO said the first St. Grand donation of the season happened Black Friday at one of the Roseville locations.

According to the Star Tribune, the St. Grand donations have been happening over the last three years.

The Salvation Army is reluctant to declare that the sums of money are coming from one person, because some donations have been made in outstate Minnesota, as far north as International Falls.

"It really doesn’t matter if this is one person or multiple people," Jeff Strickler with Twin Cities Salvation Army told WCCO. "It has become legendary for us — an example of selfless giving without recognition."

In the previous two years, more than $45,000 has been raised from the individual $1,000 donations, the Star Tribune said.

The Salvation Army is hoping to raise $10.8 million between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 through its red kettle donations, as well as donations in the mail and online.

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