Samsung is 'truly sorry' for the whole exploding phone fiasco

Remember the Note7 burns and explosions? Samsung is sorry about that.

Samsung really wants you to know it's sorry for the exploding phones and washing machines.

The Korean tech company posted a message to Samsung customers on its U.S. site, outlining the steps the company has taken to address the problems, and also how they're investigating the cause. (There's a similar open letter to Note7 owners posted on the UK site.)

In reference to the recalled Note7 "phablets" and violently shaking washing machines, the letter says: "An important tenet of our mission is to offer best-in-class safety and quality. Recently, we fell short on this promise."

It continues: "For this we are truly sorry."

Samsung also ran full-page ads with the U.S. letter in newspapers across the country, including the Star Tribune. Gizmodo said it was also in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal.

The Note7 was released in August as an iPhone 7 competitor. But by Sept. 15, Samsung had received reports of burns and property damage because of overheating. Samsung recalled the devices and offered a replacement – but once those started catching on fire too, the company stopped making the phone altogether, and told everyone to stop using it immediately.

As for the washing machine, Samsung warned consumers in September that they were having issues. Since then, there have been 733 reports of washing machines either exploding or shaking excessively like they’re about to explode. The Safety Commission says there have been nine reported injuries, including a broken jaw and an injured shoulder.

So a recall was issued over the weekend. Details on a fix can be found here.

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