Samsung says even the replacement Note 7s need to stop being used now

If you you're reading this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – stop and shut that thing off like, right now.
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Samsung is telling people to stop selling all Galaxy Note 7s, including the replacement devices, and to stop exchanges.

The company announced Monday all carrier and retail partners around the world should halt any sales or exchanges of the "phablet."

This comes after federal safety officials recalled 1 million of the Note 7 phones in September because of reports they overheated and started on fire. People with the device were told to get a replacement – but recently there have been a few reports of those supposedly safe replacements exploding.

It even happened in Minnesota over the weekend, with a 13-year-old saying her replacement Note 7 basically started melting in her hand.

The company says it's working with regulators to investigate the recent cases and remains "committed to working diligently ... to take all necessary steps to resolve the situation."

If you have a Note 7, turn it off. Now.

In the meantime, if you you're reading this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – stop and shut that thing off like, right now.

Samsung says anyone with a device, even one they got as a replacement, should keep it powered down completely, stop using it, and go to wherever they purchased it to get a refund.

You can get more info at or call 1-844-365-6197.

Tangential GIF

This is really not necessary to the story, just kind of funny. Someone modded GTA V to turn Samsung-esque phones into exploding grenades in the game.

Here's the GIF we found on Reddit:

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