Samsung's going to make it harder to use the Note 7s that are still out there

The latest update will keep them from charging.
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More than 93 percent of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7s have been returned after the devices were banned from flights, recalled and discontinued due to their tendency to start on fire.

Even so, some users have decided to keep the phones. But starting Dec. 19, the devices are going to get a lot more difficult to use.

Samsung announced Friday it will be taking a bold step in releasing a software update that will prevent U.S. Galaxy Note 7 devices from charging, rendering them useless.

Not all carriers have agreed to participate in the software update, CNN Money said.

Verizon responded to news of the recall saying it won't take part in this update for the sake of Note 7 users who don't have another device to switch to.

"We do not want to make it impossible to contact family, first responders or medical professionals in an emergency situation," Verizon said.

If users try putting off the update, they'll keep getting update reminders on their phone until they accept it, a source told CNN.

Earlier this week, Samsung announced a similar move for customers in Canada. The company will roll out an update that not only limits the device's ability to charge, but also prevents it from connecting to mobile networks and wifi.

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