'Sandbag Central' opens, Fargo-Moorhead prepares for flooding


Volunteers in Fargo began filling a million sandbags Wednesday in preparation for what could be one of the top five worst floods in their history.

The Associated Press reports a storage shed for garbage trucks was transformed into "Sandbag Central." For 10 days, volunteers will be manning three "Spider" machines that can produce 5,000 bags an hour.

WDAY says there's a 50 percent chance the Red River will crest just above 38 feet and a 10 percent chance it could crest over 40 feet--similar to flood predictions in 2009, when the river crested at 40.84 feet, an all-time record.

Fargo city engineers anticipate constructing nearly 6 miles of clay levees and three miles of sandbag dikes.

In Washington, Congress is considering whether to help fund a nearly $2 billion permanent flood diversion channel in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

MPR has a good visual description of what the flood stages look like from a homeowner's perspective.

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