Satirical news site fakes out some with Bachmann arrest article

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An article circulating on social media claiming that Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann was arrested for DUI in Colorado this week is a fake, and a lot of people bought it.

Newslo, a website that claims to be the first "News/Satire" platform, published the article Wednesday, saying Bachmann was "too stoned" to drive and was jailed in Fort Collins Tuesday morning, according to "a source."

The story received so much attention that the city of Fort Collins issued a statement debunking the rumor, according to TheDenverChannel -- one of multiple media outlets that clarified the arrest never happened.

The Coloradoan reports television news station KUSA received several emails from viewers suggesting the media was covering up Bachmann's arrest.

Bachmann's spokesman Dan Kotman also backed up that the report was a hoax.

"She was not even in Fort Collins. It’s not true,” Kotman told the newspaper.

Athough Newslo openly admits some of its content is satire, the Bachmann story appears relatively straightforward. The website includes a "fact button" at the bottom of each article which shows readers what is fact and what is satire.

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