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Sauk Rapids mayor pleads guilty to DWI, gets jail time


Sauk Rapids Mayor Brad Gunderson pleaded guilty to one count of third-degree DWI Tuesday, the St. Cloud Times reports.

Gunderson was sentenced to 15 days in jail and six years of probation. He was also ordered to pay a $900 fine.

As part of his sentence, the mayor must refrain from alcohol, comply with the recommended treatment, complete a Mothers Against Drunk Driving impact panel and pay for the damage done on the day of the accident.

Gunderson was involved in a one-vehicle crash on Feb. 17 when the SUV he was driving went off the street into a yard, damaging garbage cans and a street sign.

According to the criminal complaint, an officer found Gunderson in a Chevy Blazer, spinning his wheels in an attempt to leave the yard.

When asked what happened, Gunderson told the officer “I’m not sure.” The mayor said he had two 22 oz. beers at JP’s Bar that afternoon.

Gunderson’s blood-alcohol content was 0.26, more than three times the legal limit to drive, about 90 minutes after his arrest.

Police say Gunderson was too intoxicated for jail and was dropped off at home.

Some residents called for the mayor to step down following his arrest. Gunderson made a public apology at a city council meeting in late February, but said he won’t resign.

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