Saved by the belt: gunshot victim's injuries are minor, thanks to buckle

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Batman used his utility belt to escape from many a close call. For a Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, man it was just a regular old belt – specifically the buckle – that may have saved his life.

The Fond du Lac Reporter has the story of a weekend altercation that led to four shots being fired. The newspaper reports a 30-year-old man was hit ... in the belt buckle, which stopped the bullet from causing any serious injury.

Police arrested two suspects; one was subsequently released while the other remains in custody, according to the Reporter.

The story is reminiscent of an incident last spring in Philadelphia in which a man making a delivery at a store was hit by stray gunfire. In that case the bullet lodged in the man's belt buckle.

As for the Caped Crusader, the yellow utility belt didn't look like much ...

But it held an amazing array of items that came in handy for the superhero and the good people of Gotham City.


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