Scan your fingerprint to get on your Delta flight

Delta is doing a test run at one airport, and hopes to expand in the future.

Your fingerprint is enough to get you on to Delta flights at Washington D.C.'s Reagan airport now.

The airline will let some customers ditch the traditional paper or phone screen boarding pass in favor of a fingerprint scan, Delta announced

This pilot program is only at Reagan Washington National Airport right now. And it's only for people who are Delta SkyMiles members, and enroll in the CLEAR program. They'd previously been testing fingerprint verification as a way to enter the SkyMiles club there.

CLEAR is the company behind this biometrics technology, and they've partnered with Delta on some other airport programs as well (more on that below).

So the number of travelers that can take advantage right now is relatively small. But Delta seems very interested in making this a widespread thing.

“Once we complete testing, customers throughout our domestic network could start seeing this capability in a matter of months – not years," Delta Senior Executive Vice President & COO Gil West said in the announcement.

Which airport is it coming to next?

Delta hasn't said. But betting on Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as an early rollout site wouldn't be a bad idea.

Our reasoning: Delta and CLEAR are already testing biometrics here.

The Twin Cities airport is one of Delta’s hubs, is the biggest airline at MSP and is one of the largest employers in Minnesota.

They've used MSP as a testing spot already. It was the first airport in the country to get Delta's face-scanning baggage check technology. And it was one of the sites to get Delta's bag tracking.

CLEAR is running its own pilot program at MSP as well. They rolled out a fingerprint and iris recognition service in the Twin Cities as an alternative to regular security.

To be enrolled in CLEAR you need to pay for a yearly membership – $179 if you're not a Delta SkyMiles member, with discounts if you are.

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