School board considers gun show at Spooner school


For the last 20 years, the school board in Spooner, Wis. passed a resolution to approve an annual gun show held at the local elementary school. But this year, the agenda item may face some opposition.

The Spooner Advocate reports the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. casts a huge shadow over this year's discussion scheduled for Monday.

Although school board President Maureen Revak says she hasn't heard any concerns, the Spooner Advocate Facebook page was flooded with comments from readers that disagree with the event as well as those in support.

"I've always felt that the gun show should be held somewhere besides the school. The latest school shooting just makes that more obvious," Michelle Anderson-Weierbach said on the site.

"I am a lifelong NRA member. I could go either way on this topic, if it does happen I will bring my children to it. An educated child on guns is a safe child," Michael Genske said. "I feel the gun show should voluntarily mandate background checks on all purchasers of guns, and vendors."

"Criminal's are going to find a way to fulfill their agenda to kill whether it be with a gun, scissors, knife, or even a baseball bat," Wendy Helstern Brown added.

The Indian Rifle and Pistol Club's two-day event donates a cut of their admission fees, about $1,000, to the school. The club says the school is an ideal location easily accessible for vendors and visitors. Security is provided.

Wisconsin statute prohibits firearms within a thousand feet of a school but makes allowances for gun shows by licensed dealers, importers and manufacturers.

A gun show to be held next weekend at Cornell High School in western Wisconsin also received some backlash, but will still go on as planned.

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