School board member rejects Dayton's call to resign over Muslim post


The Columbia Heights school board member whose Facebook posting about Muslims sparked a student protest this week has hit back at Governor Mark Dayton's call for him to resign.

In a message on his Facebook page, Grant Nichols said: "Message to Governor Dayton!........No I will not resign."

"I will not be bullied by party politics for doing nothing. Local government should stay local government."

The full post is below:

Nichols has been under fire this week when in an earlier Facebook posting he made comments about the "unsanitary" way that Muslims use bathrooms.

It sparked a student protest Wednesday after the school board chose to take no action against him the night before.

On Friday, Gov. Dayton praised the peaceful protest organized by students and said that Nichols should step down.

In his posting, Nichols also complained that the school's district is not reflective of the city's population, as many students who live in the area are enrolled elsewhere.

He also hit out at the lack of racial diversity when it comes to staffing at the school.

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