School bus driver was over the limit with 58 students on board

The 39 year old is facing four DWI charges.
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The director of transportation for a Minnesota school district has been charged with driving a school bus drunk while dozens of students were on board.

Beau Twaddle, 39, an employee of Pine Island Schools in southeast Minnesota, blew a 0.10 breath-alcohol reading on Apr. 10, just under two hours after he'd brought 58 students into school.

The legal limited for driving is 0.08 and the limit for commercial vehicles is 0.04, but Minnesota has a zero tolerance policy for school bus drivers, who are not allowed to have any alcohol in their system.

Twaddle had been followed by the Pine Island School resource officer, who smelled alcohol on his breath after he stopped by the principal's office on the morning of Apr. 10.

When confronted about his alcohol use, Twaddle denied having drank anything since the previous night, when he said he'd had vodka and beer at around 6 p.m.

He was asked to conduct some field sobriety tests, with officers noting he used his arms for balance during the walk and turn test, as well as making an "improper turn."

He also swayed during the one leg stand test.

He has been charged with four DWI-related offenses, with the Post Bulletin reporting earlier this week he'd been placed on administrative leave.

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