School bus evacuated after student releases pepper spray

At first, police couldn't figure out what students on board were having a reaction to.

A school bus in Red Wing had to be evacuated after a girl released pepper spray while inside it.

Red Wing Police initially reported 20 elementary and middle students had to be evacuated from the bus as they were coughing and complaining of sore throats at 7:12 a.m. on Tuesday.

But in an update posted Tuesday evening, police announced a girl at the school had admitted to the principal of Red Wing Public School District Elementary that she had released pepper spray on the bus.

The school district notified parents, and is currently "working on the appropriate response" to punish the student.

Police were initially puzzled by the incident, investigating after the bus pulled to the side of the road and evacuated everyone on board. Another bus arrived to take the students on to school.

Officers inspected the bus and found nothing untoward, and after interviewing the students they couldn't figure out where the irritant came from.

People exposed to pepper spray tend to immediately experience the swelling of their eyes, nose and throat, nasal discharge, coughing and shortness of breath, according to SABRE.

The effects are temporary, but someone who is exposed to a significant amount of spray solution can experience temporary blindness and eye pain for 30-45 minutes, MedicalNewsToday says.

In extreme cases it can hamper blood and oxygen flow, potentially leading to respiratory arrest.

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