Elementary school evacuated after student brings in hollow grenade


More than 500 students at a St. Paul elementary school were hustled from their classrooms onto buses Friday morning after a student brought a hollowed-out grenade to school.

FOX 9 reports the evacuation of Heights Community School was a precautionary measure taken by the St. Paul district and that no students were ever placed in any danger because of the item, which the station described as harmless.

The Star Tribune reports the St. Paul police department’s bomb squad responded to the school, which serves students from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade on the city’s East Side. The Pioneer Press reports the bomb squad confirmed it was a real grenade, but hollowed out, which made it inactive.

The incident began when a student pulled what the Star Tribune termed "a dummy grenade" from hjs pocket and showed it to teachers and other students. According to district spokeswoman Toya Stewart Downey, the student didn’t have ill intentions.

The school followed district safety procedures, with students sitting in warm buses for about 30 minutes during the evacuation, she said. Parents got an automated call to tell them of the situation.

The age or grade of the student who brought the grenade to school was not disclosed.

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