Minnesota schools produce music videos to reach media-savvy kids


It's an age-old question for teachers and parents: How do you get through to a junior high kid?

The staff at Hopkins North Junior recently took a social-media approach, whipping up a video urging students to make each day the "Best Day of My Life." The video features students demonstrating acts of kindness, as well as staff – everyone from teachers to custodians and a bus driver – lip-synching the popular song by the group American Authors.

The project was part of a broader school effort to combat bullying and create a culture of positive behavior at the school, Principal Becky Melville told BringMeTheNews.

"It's really about teaching kids how to treat each other," Melville said.

Staffers were looking for a way to deliver a message to iPad-toting students that they would share with each other on social media - and they loved it, Melville said.

"These are junior high school students. Some of them don't talk to each other, but they are in front of their screens," Melville said.

Check it out:

Other Minnesota schools have used a similar approach.

– Students at Zimmerman Elementary School in Zimmerman bring some serious cute as they belt out their own version of the song "Dynamite" with original lyrics about showing respect and "Zebra Pride":

– Students at North Elementary School in Princeton, Minnesota, demonstrate acts of "Minnesota Nice" in a music video featuring original lyrics by teacher Elizabeth Keeney:

A sixth-grade class in Roseau produced this anti-bullying video:

And students and teachers at Lane Elementary in Plymouth last year starred in a video set to the song "Firework," as part of an effort to promote reading:

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