Scientists ask Clintonville residents to report booms

Geologists want to get a better reading on what's shaking in Clintonville. Meanwhile local officials there are asking geologists to set up more tools to get a better gauge on seismic activity. And the town capitalizes on its national popularity with a clever t-shirt.

Scientists are trying to get a better reading on what's shaking up Clintonville, Wis.

They're asking anyone who hears booming sounds to let them know on the Geological Survey website, according to the Associated Press.

Police dispatchers on Tuesday night received 60 phone calls within 15 minutes after the booms started up again.

Scientists did pick up a 1.5-magnitude quake last week, but the Journal-Sentinel says those instruments didn't register any activity Tuesday. Scientists say high winds may have interfered and that they couldn't rule out an earthquake.

Clintonville city officials are urging scientists to set up more tools to get a better gauge on any seismic activity, the Journal-Sentinel reports.

Meanwhile, the city is capitalizing on its newfound popularity. Minnesota Prairie Roots reports on a t-shirt drive. You can order your own "I Survived the 1.5" right here.

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Clintonville residents reporting fewer loud mysterious booms

City Administrator Lisa Kuss told WTAQ radio police have only received a handful of complaints recently. The small Wisconsin town has been dealing with unusual booms since mid-March that may be a series of small earthquakes. The strongest detected was a 1.5 magnitude earthquake on March 20.

Wisconsin town to sell t-shirts commemorating mysterious booms

The Clintonville City Administrator told the Shawano Leader the "I Survived the 1.5" shirts are meant to show unity. The small Wisconsin town made the national spotlight last week when unusual booms left residents without answers. The U.S. Geological Survey now believes Clintonville was being swept by a swarm of microquakes.

Booms rattle Wisconsin town again

Clintonville's city administrator says the city heard 60 phone calls within 15 minutes about "very loud, booming, rumbling-type noises," and some callers said the booms seemed louder and longer than last week.

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