Scientists slogging through Minnesota wetlands

An ongoing research project, the first large-scale objective measurement of wetland quality in Minnesota, is under way to size up the health of roughly 10 million acres of wetlands in the state, roughly 20 percent of Minnesota's landcover. Wetlands face a variety of threats, including agricultural development and invasive species.

Minnesota Public Radio wades into the wetlands with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency scientists to find out how Minnesota wetlands are faring. Wetlands are under constant threat of development and in some cases are susceptible to invasive species.

Sometime next year, the MPCA and DNR are expected to complete an analysis of all the data they've collected the past six years, MPR says.

Here's more about the ongoing monitoring program, originally launched in 2006, from the Department of Natural Resources.

And learn more about Minnesota wetlands from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Read recent reports on the health of the wetlands.

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