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Scott Walker offers beer to critics who call his Instagram boring ... but it's Miller Lite

Come on, at least have a Spotted Cow.
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If you're looking to prove you're an exciting, daring individual, you might want to think of a better way of doing it than drinking a Miller Lite.

That's what Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker did on Thursday, when he responded to a article called "Nothing bums me out like Scott Walker's Instagram feed" by offering his critics a cold one.

However, his choice of beer, a Miller Lite, may be Wisconsin-made but is hardly the stirring choice of a born risk-taker.

Don't get us wrong, Miller Lite is OK as light beers go, but there were ample opportunities to pick a more interesting alcoholic concoction and – given the national interest generated by his response – draw some attention to Wisconsin beers less known outside of the Midwest.

He may have read some of the responses, because he later posted another tweet featuring three alternative choices – including the dreamy New Glarus Spotted Cow (though he still took some flak for including the Wisconsin-made but ultimately Belgian-owned Leinenkugel's).

He also offered his critics some Wisconsin cheese curds with their beer, and let's face it they are pretty darn delicious.

The internet responds's main criticism of Walker's Instagram feed (which you can see here) is that while he photographs food, sights and events much like everyone else, he "insists on focusing on the least appealing part of his experience every single time."

Pictures of his brown bag lunches, for example, tend to focus on the brown bag, rather than the lunch (unless it's ham sandwiches).

Needless to say, the internet had a lot of fun with Walker's Twitter posts – and one reply got an even bigger response than Walker's Miller Lite post by pointing out that the Lite can features the line "Union Made."

Since taking office, Walker has implemented anti-union labor laws that the Washington Post reports has "crippled" unions in Wisconsin, stripping most public sector unions of their collective bargaining rights.

Walker has also been accused in the past of trying to limit craft breweries' ability to expand, while there's a proposal going around the Wisconsin state legislature at the moment that the craft beer industry fears could stop them selling beer on-site. The Green Bay Press Gazette has more on this.

Here are some of the best reactions to Walker's tweet.

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