'Scrappy' the pup doing well after being found in animal hospital's recycling bin

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Scrappy the puppy is on his way to a full recovery, three days after being found in a recycling dumpster behind a St. Paul animal hospital.

Wendy Granroos, the hospital manager at Scenic Hills Animal Hospital, found Scrappy and another puppy, who was probably a litter mate, in the bin Wednesday morning when she was depositing some cardboard, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. The other pup was dead, and the surviving one was afraid and emaciated, and looked as though he'd been neglected.

Granroos and other staff at the hospital named the survivor Scrappy. They believe he's about 6-7 months old -- a mix of German shepherd and Australian shepherd.

Granroos said Scrappy has been "inhaling" food. He weighed 20 pounds on Wednesday and gained five pounds in just two days, she told the Pioneer Press. Normal weight is in the 30-35 pound range, according to a veterinarian.

The staff say they think the person who dumped the pups likely wanted them to be found, since they were left behind an animal hospital, WCCO reports. It's not clear how the other dog died, because it had no obvious injuries. But Granroos said it may have starved to death, according to the Pioneer Press.

People are already lining up to adopt Scrappy, according to City Pages, but he'll be staying at the animal hospital for a while longer until he gains some more weight and is up to date on his vaccinations.

St. Paul police are investigating the case, and are asking anyone who has information about the dogs to call 651-266-5740.

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