The Sculpture Garden's artsy putt-putt will be back on the ground this year

These are definitely some of the more interesting mini golf holes you can play.

With the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden ready to open in June after nearly two years' worth of renovations, the Walker Art Center is able to bring back one of its classic events: Super fancy artsy putt-putt.

The artist-designed mini golf course returns to the ground this summer – the first day is June 3, and it will run Tuesdays through Sundays until Sept. 3, except for some holidays. This is after it spent 2016 on the Walker's roof because of the construction work.

As for cost, it's $19 a round for an adult, $16 for a student (so keep hold of that school ID). Your ticket includes free gallery admission for the Walker though, too. Walker members and children only pay $15 for a round. Tee times are first come, first serve.

Tell me about the holes

There will be four new holes this go-round, in addition to 14 returning designs. The new holes are:

Tale of Two Cities – Jordan Hedlund
A mini golf hole that lets you choose between Minneapolis and St. Paul – just gotta watch for the Mississippi River.

Reflection of Choices– Chris Crammer
A hole that starts with a plinko-style mirror and color block ramp. (Shout-out to Price is Right.)

Bound for Glory – Michon Weeks
A light rail-inspired hole that lets you take the Blue or Green Line, navigating 14 different "stations" along the way.

Block Party – Tom Loftus and Robin Schwartzman
A hole that takes its visual style from toy blocks, abstract sculpture, and color field paintings.

You can see the returning holes in this news release.

And check out more about the revamped Sculpture Garden – including a new, giant blue chicken – in this previous story.

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