SD man accidentally shoots self after falling asleep with gun


A Mitchell, S.D., man is recovering from minor injuries he sustained after falling asleep with his gun and accidentally shooting himself, the Mitchell Republic reports.

Mitchell police say the man, 34, fell asleep in a lawn chair on the back porch of his residence about 2 a.m. Thursday, and when a family member turned out the porch light and startled the man, he unintentionally pulled the gun's trigger and shot himself in the midsection.

Since the injuries were minor, he was able to drive himself to the hospital, the paper reported.

According to investigators, the man had retrieved the handgun and several other items from his truck after a long day at work. After sitting down on his porch with a glass of water, a cigarette and the handgun, he dozed off, authorities said.

Once the investigation is complete, the Davison County State’s Attorneys Office will determine whether to file charges against the man, who wasn't named.

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