Search for missing, tiny greyhound 'Jackson' unites Minnesota city


The entire city of Rochester has been captivated by the search for a tiny Italian greyhound named Jackson.

He's been missing for more than a month, but owner Jenna Macken still holds out hope that the 6-year-old is surviving the wintry conditions.

And the Macken family's search has been aided by a remarkable response both on social media and on the streets of Rochester, with the Rochester Post Bulletin reporting the city's street corners, roadways, bridges and billboards are plastered with "Lost" signs.

Even if they are not actively involved in the search, many people in Rochester are at least talking about it, raising awareness of Jackson in the hope someone does see him.

And the family has received plenty of sightings, even up to Thursday night, with the latest post on the Find Jackson Facebook page suggesting he has been spotted in the last 24 hours.

Dena Thorson, one of the administrators of the page, said: "We feel like we are closing in on his route and are putting out traps in hopes of getting in front of him ... he's still traveling quite a bit and again, we're not going to even mention general areas because it's critical we keep the areas quiet so as not to disrupt his routine."

ABC 6 reported the Mackens have been out up to 18 hours a day at times searching for the dog since he went missing, and even had people volunteering to help with the search on Christmas Eve and Day.

He escaped from a boarding facility near John Marshall High School on Dec. 16, while the Mackens were on holiday in Florida.

Since then, he has reportedly been seen in the Elton Hills, Indian Heights park, and Assisi Heights park areas, the Facebook page says. Anyone who spots him has been asked not to approach or chase him, but to call Jenna Macken on 507-358-8077 and continue to watch him.

"Jack is part of the family," she told the Post Bulletin. "I know he's a dog to some people. But a lot of dog lovers would understand."

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