Search is on for suspect who brutally assaulted a senior citizen in a road rage incident

It happened Friday night at the victim's home in East Bethel.

What's happening?

The 71 year old man pictured above was beaten badly by a younger man in an apparent road rage incident, and the Anoka County Sheriff's Office is asking for help to find the suspect. 

GoMN reached out to the victim's family and he prefers to remain unnamed. 

It happened Friday around 8 p.m. 

A Facebook post from the sheriff's office described the incident in detail, saying the elderly man had to slam on his brakes to avoid a traffic situation ahead of him.

The quick braking angered the suspect, who was driving behind him. It resulted in a road rage incident where the suspect began to "aggressively taunt" the older man, following him from Ham Lake (near Broadway and Lexington Ave.) all the way to his home in East Bethel. 


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It was at the elderly man's home where he was repeatedly punched in the face and head for about one minute before being asked if he'd "had enough." 

The older gentleman suffered multiple facial fractures and lacerations, and authorities believe "anyone who would brutally attack a senior citizen in this manner is a clear danger to the public."

A picture of his injuries was put on Facebook by daughter-in-law AmyJane Johnson and it's been shared more than 31,000 times.

She said he suffered a broken nose, broken eye socket and bruising.

 Description of the suspect

  • White male
  • Approximately 35 years old
  • 6'0'' or taller
  • Short, buzzed-style hair
  • Wearing a longer leather jacket
  • Likely sustained injuries to his hands
  • Driving a newer dark silver/gray vehicle with LED lights
  • Vehicle might be a Mustang with tinted windows

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Anoka County Sheriff's Office at 763-427-1212 or leave a tip on their website

Here's the full Facebook post. 

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