Update: Family's farm searched in girl's 1989 disappearance


The search for Amy Sue Pagnac, missing since she disappeared in 1989, moved to Isanti County on Monday as a search began in a rural area near Stanchfield, an unincorporated community between Cambridge and Braham, FOX 9 reports.

The Pagnac family owns a farm in Isanti County, and Susan Pagnac, Amy's mother, told KARE 11 Tuesday afternoon that their property is where the search is being conducted.

Maple Grove Police Chief Keith Terlinden is in charge of the search, and at a news conference Tuesday afternoon he shared no details about why officials are at the property or what they're looking for.

"The [search warrant] is sealed just like the Maple Grove search warrant, so the specifics of that search warrant will not be made public at this time," said Terlinden, according to KARE 11.

KSTP adds that the search warrant was executed around 9 a.m. Monday on the 37000 block of Verdin Street Northwest in Stanchfield and that Maple Grove police, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI are all involved in the probe.

Terlinden said search teams will be at the site 24 hours a day until they are done. He said that the search could go into the weekend, but it is expected to be done by Friday, KARE 11 reports.

Susan Pagnac told WCCO-TV that officers contacted her Tuesday morning about the search. She told the station that she is glad they are searching the land. She said authorities are likely going back to the beginning of the investigation, and searching their family farm is part of that.

“As long as they follow through on every possibility, I’m happy,” Pagnac said.

The case, cold for decades, resurfaced last month when police got a search warrant for the girl’s Maple Grove home. The search warrant has been sealed, so what prompted the search now and what, if anything, was found has not been made public. Police spent a week searching the area around the family's property.

The Maple Grove 13-year-old vanished in August of 1989. The girl's stepfather Marshall Midden told police that he and Amy had been in Isanti County tending crops. He said they stopped at an Osseo gas station on their way home. He told police he used the bathroom and came outside to find the car empty, with the girl nowhere to be found. At the time, it was theorized that she may have had a seizure and become disoriented; she had previously experienced seizures.

Susan Pagnac has said the family believes Amy was abducted and is still alive.

Amy Sue Pagnac would turn 38 on June 15.

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