Searchers resume looking for Mandy Matula in St. Cloud, find nothing new


The search for Mandy Matula, missing for more than two months, is on again this weekend, but thus far has yielded nothing new.

The Star Tribune reports Sunday night that the weekend search, headed by Matula's brother Steven Matula, found no new evidence in the case.

The 24 year old woman vanished on May 1 after leaving home with her ex-boyfriend, who later committed suicide.

KSTP-TV reported earlier that the group Minnesota United was hosting a Sunday search in the Saint Cloud area. Three search teams were to be on the water. KMSP reported that between 45 and 50 searchers would be involved.

There have been multiple searches for the Eden Prairie woman in both the metro area and in Central Minnesota. In May, law enfocement agencies asked volunteers to suspend their efforts because of dangerous conditions related to high water.

The website for the search efforts is

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