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See if that couch from Target looks good in your living room before you actually buy it

A new features on Target's mobile website lets you test it out beforehand. Here's how it works.

You need a couch. You find a couch you like.

But you don't know if it'll actually look good in your uniquely decorated living room.

Target is hoping to help solve that (admittedly first world) problem with a new feature on its mobile website.

Announced Tuesday, Target's See It In Your Space option lets you pick an item from the retailer's new Project 62 line, and place it within an actual photo of your living space.

You can either line up a photo of the room in real time, or use a photo you've already taken. 

Right now this feature is only available for about 200 Project 62 collection items. Once you're looking at the item on on mobile, you can press the See It In Your Space button to use it.

For example, here's what it looked like when we tried to place a chair near Go 96.3 DJ Jordan while he was prepping for his nightly show.

You can make the furniture bigger or smaller, rotate it, twist it – it's pretty cool.

The only difficult part is you'll have to know in your photo the measurements of things to really be precise. You still need to grab some measuring tape or a yardstick to check the sizing.

By the end of the year See It In Your Space will be available on hundreds more items, Target says. And it'll only grow from there, with the retailer promising functionality on thousands of products in total by the time 2018 is up.

Target has been rolling out a bunch of tech-y new features recently, including this thing that lets you take a photo of an item and see similar products, an option to track yourself and find specific items in stores, an updated new app that includes Cartwheel now, and the ability to shop using only your voice.

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