Seeking better branding, Woodbury aims to make itself the center of ... something


What is Woodbury the center of?

That's the question the city is working on answering, as it tries to create a consistent new public brand for itself – an attempt to bring in businesses, conventions and new residents, FOX 9 says.

"An integrated marketing and branding strategy is critical for establishing the legitimacy of an organization," City Administrator Clinton P. Gridley writes in a recent council workshop letter. "While Woodbury proactively markets its services, events and programs, the City’s approach has lacked an integrated, comprehensive and consistent strategy."

The city hired two different agencies to help address that issue – the Minneapolis-based firm PadillaCRT, and Zeitgeist Consulting out of Wisconsin. As of last week, the city is starting to get some answers.

The Woodbury City Council got a look at PadillaCRT's draft plan at a March 19 workshop, and was also given a presentation from the firm's senior vice president Tom Jollie.

Jollie's conclusion, according to the Woodbury Bulletin: The city needs single message. That includes a large monument sign at Woodbury's entrance, usable on a number of street items such as benches and signs; and also a theme to develop a sense of place, Jollie said, according to the Bulletin.

The most direct slogan example? "Woodbury: The Center of ..."


“We’re not going to call Woodbury the center of it all because we’re not,” Jollie said, according to the paper. “We are the center of something, however.”

What that "something" will officially be remains to be seen.

Woodbury's branding was brought up in a recent critique of Minnesota town logos. One commenter pointed out Woodbury's could be construed as inappropriate, calling it the "naughtiest in the world."

Woodbury was recently forecast to be one of the fastest-growing cities in Minnesota over the next few decades. The Metropolitcan Council projected the population to grow from 61,961 residents in the 2010 count, to 87,200 in 2040.

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