Self-help guru Beattie's assistant steals $400,000


Well-known self-help guru Melody Beattie, who has seen more than her share of rough patches in her life, is enduring another – Beattie's personal assistant is accused of stealing more than $400,000 from the best-selling author.

Sharon Schultz is accused of collecting 298 of Beattie's royalty checks over five years and putting the money in her own account, or her daughter's, to pay for a gambling addiction, FOX 9 reports.

A judge Tuesday ordered Schultz to serve a year in the workhouse and probation, noting that she and Beattie had "a long-term relationship that spun out of control," FOX reported. "There's a lot underlying the course of that relationship that would not be appropriate to comment on publicly," Schultz's lawyer Emmett Donnelly.

Beattie, a St. Paul native, declined to comment to FOX 9. Her bio notes that she has endured abandonment, kidnapping, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, divorce, and the death of her 12-year-old son. She has written about how before her recovery she ran with a group dubbed the "Minnesota Mafia" that robbed pharmacies to get drug money.

Beattie went on to write 15 books in a 24-year writing career, including her best-known "Codependent No More" originally published in 1986 by the Hazelden Foundation.

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