Semi misses stopped car by inches on Interstate 94

The dashboard camera of a Wisconsin state trooper captured a semi truck speeding by a car parked on Interstate 94 – narrowly missing the vehicle by a few inches. The truck driver was cited. Now the state patrol is using the video as a reminder to drivers to move over or slow down when they see a car stopped along the side of a roadway.

Wisconsin state trooper Charles Hotvedt was chatting with a driver from the passenger side of a car he had stopped along Interstate 94 in Eau Claire County on Oct. 15. He looked up in shocked when a semi truck barrels by the car, its wheels well over the white line, missing the vehicle by just a few inches, the Pioneer Press reports.

Now the state patrol is using the incident as a teachable moment for drivers, reminding them that by law they need to move to the left lane or slow down when they see law enforcement officers stopped on the right side of the road.

"If he had been standing on the left or driver-side of the vehicle, there's no doubt in my mind he would have been hit by the semi traveling at highway speed," State Patrol Captain Jeffrey Frenette in a press release.

The semi driver was stopped and issued multiple citations. The driver was fatigued, investigators said. Ten state Patrol vehicles were hit last year while stopped on the roadside. These crashes injured eight officers, the state patrol says.

Here's the video:

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