Sen. McCain stirs Supreme Court pot with vow to keep fighting nominees

John McCain says Republicans will unite "against any Supreme Court nominee" Hillary Clinton might put forward.
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If you thought Arizona Sen. John McCain lost his conservative credentials by refusing to back Donald Trump in the presidential election, some comments the war hero made on the radio might put those concerns to rest.

They've also caused a bit of a political firestorm for the former presidential nominee.

In an interview with Philadelphia radio host Dom Giordano on Monday, the Republican promised that he and his fellow Republicans will unite "against any Supreme Court nominee" Hillary Clinton might put forward if she's elected president, according to CNN.

Within hours, news sites and bloggers were calling out McCain for his remarks, reminding him of the vow Republicans made earlier this year to block any Supreme Court nominees – until the next president is in office.

McCain's comments on Monday seem to revise that earlier promise, and forecast an ongoing Supreme Court fight well into the next presidency.

"The radicalism of such a posture is hard to overstate," MSNBC writes. "McCain is effectively vowing to leave his party’s Supreme Court blockade in place indefinitely – through 2020, at a minimum – regardless of whom the American electorate chooses."

The blog ThinkProgress was more dire in its interpretation of the remarks, saying "the tactic that McCain is proposing is nothing less than an existential threat to the Supreme Court itself."

McCain responds

According to the Arkansas Times, McCain's representatives have "amended" the senator's comments, saying he will "vote for or against (a Supreme Court nominee) based on their qualifications."

The reactions on social media have been pretty sharp:

McCain is certainly no stranger to fallout over controversial gaffes and sound bites. Most recently, the Republican rattled some people by saying that President Barack Obama was "directly responsible" for the Orlando nightclub attack earlier this year, the Washington Post reported

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