Sen. Tina Smith talks Franken, Trump and Lindsey Graham on 'The View'

Minnesota's newest senator made her network TV debut.

Minnesota's newest senator Tina Smith made her network television debut on Friday with an appearance on ABC's "The View."

Two months into her term following the resignation of Al Franken, Smith touched on a number of issues during her seven-minute interview.

You can watch her performance below, but here are some of the key points.

On Al Franken's resignation

"It was an extraordinary moment and a really tough moment. Al was a champion for Minnesota and a champion for progressive issues around the country.

He is a friend of mine ... but when this all happened and Al had to make a decision he made a decision that was best for him, and for his family and for Minnesota.

On the Franken/Trump accusations

"There are many differences between Al Franken and President Trump. It's not for me to second guess the decision that Al made. I would have liked for the Senate ethics process to run its course but it didn't happen."

On the Mueller/Stormy Daniels controversy

"On the Stormy Daniels issue can we just say that no woman should be dealing with being physically threatened ever, man or woman.

"Yesterday we heard new things about Mueller investigation going after the Trump organization, doing subpoenas for the Trump organization.

"I think we ought to think about this as a nonpartisan issue. This is about the future of our country and who is our president and all of these investigations need to run their course without political things getting in the way of that."

Lindsey Graham didn't know who she was

She was asked about her attendance at the State of the Union, where South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham didn't know who she was – mistaking her for another senator's wife.

When Smith responded: "No I'm not. I'm Minnesota's new U.S. Senator," Graham apparently said: "Oh I'm sorry, I must have my [bleeped]."

We're not 100 percent on this, but reading Smith's lips we believe he said "head up my ass."

On denouncing Nancy Pelosi

The View hosts noted that denouncing the House minority leader was a tactic used by Democrat Conor Lamb to win a special election in Pennsylvania this week.

Smith however doesn't think that's the tactic going forward. 

"The reason he won is because he said 'this is what we need to do in Pennsylvania,'" she said.

She also rejected the notion that this November's mid-terms are a referendum on the president.

"I can say that in Minnesota, people will decide who they want to represent them ... not so much based on how they feel about the president, and more about how they feel that the person they're electing – I hope will be me – is listening to them. Listening is a little bit of a lost art these days and I think that is what matters.

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