Senate Democrats want to spend $1.5B on projects around the state

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Senate Democrats have released their 2016 bonding bill, saying the investments listed are "absolutely necessary."

The so-called jobs bill, which the Senate Capital Investment Committee unveiled Monday morning, would borrow $1.5 billion to invest in Minnesota's colleges and universities, transportation needs and clean water, among other things.

Democrats say the bill will also create 39,900 jobs in the state.

Here's a look at where the money would go:

Here's a complete list of the projects Senate Democrats look to fund, and there's an interactive map and additional details about each project on the Build.MN website here.

The Senate also put together a YouTube video that goes over some of the investments and other highlights from the proposed bonding bill:

Bonding bill expected to be 'hotly debated'

The priorities in the Senate's proposal are similar to Gov. Mark Dayton's, which total roughly $1.4 billion.

The Senate has called on the Republican-controlled House to release details of its bonding bill. In April, the House said it was budgeted at $600 million – a figure Democrats criticize, saying investing in state and regional infrastructure is "absolutely necessary" and the state should take advantage of low interest rates, according to an email news release.

Last week, Dayton urged House and Senate leaders to be specific with their plans for transportation and bonding so they can start productive negotiations, Session Daily reported, with the Star Tribune noting the bonding bill is expected to be "hotly debated" this year.

By law, bonding bills have to originate in the House, the Star Tribune says, but the House, Senate and Dayton will work together to come up with a bonding bill that can get a three-fifths majority in the Legislature, KSTP says.

For more information on how the Capital Budget and bonding bills work, click here.

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