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Senate's tax plan will spread income tax hike more broadly than Dayton's


Minnesota Senate leaders will unveil their tax plan Tuesday. But DFL Majority Leader Tom Bakk offered a preview in an appearance at the University of Minnesota Monday.

Like the proposals of the House and Gov. Dayton, the Senate plan will raise income taxes on the highest-earning Minnesotans. But Bakk says compared to the governor the Senate will propose a smaller increase spread among more taxpayers, the Associated Press reports.

Bakk says a higher cigarette tax is also in the Senate bill, but not the alcohol tax increase that is favored by the House. MPR reports alcohol taxes are shaping up as one of the biggest differences between the House and Senate bills.

As the Star Tribune reports, Bakk acknowledges that tax increases are likely to cost some lawmakers their seats in the next election. But he says the higher taxes are needed and "sometimes leading is not a popularity contest."

Bakk also tried to lower the hopes of labor groups about what might pass the Legislature this year. MPR reports he advised them not to expect a trifecta of extended unemployment benefits for locked out workers, a minimum wage over $10 an hour, and unionized home day care workers is not going to happen. Bakk, a union carpenter who's now retired, said "There are things you can do and things you can't get done."

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