Senators threaten to withhold bonding bill votes over light rail funding


Seven DFL state senators are threatening to withhold their support of a bonding bill if the $135 million in state funding for the Southwest Light Rail Transit project isn't included.

In a letter addressed to Sen. Leroy Stumpf, a Democrat from Plummer who is also the chair of the Senate Capital Investment Committee, the legislators said that without state funding this year, the project is in danger of losing federal funds, which would spell disaster for the project.

"We want to let you know that we will not vote for a bonding bill that does not contain SWLRT funding unless that funding is already secured in another part of the legislative process," the letter said. "It does not matter to us if that funding is in the bonding bill, part of the transportation bill in cash ... or some other source, as long as it is guaranteed as part of the final legislative session agreements."

If the state provides $135 million in funding, the project qualifies for $895 million in federal funding.

This is the most recent episode in the life of SWLRT project, which has seen its share of controversy.

The project, which has been planned for nearly a decade, has been the subject of legal action, escalating costs and delayed timelines and has been blocked by Republican lawmakers.

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Senators pass $566 million bonding bill

The borrowing plan, approved by a 45-22 vote Monday night, would use $496 million for public works projects, higher education and state Capitol renovations. It also calls to spend an additional $50 million on unnamed Department of Employment and Economic Development projects. House lawmakers approved a similar measure early Monday afternoon. They can either accept the Senate version or the differences will be negotiated in a conference committee.

$496 million bonding bill closer to vote

The House bill is undergoing some last-minute tweaking after it stalled Thursday night. The GOP borrowing proposal doesn't fund several projects Gov. Mark Dayton and DFLers wanted, including civic center renovations, St. Paul Saints Stadium or the Southwest light-rail line. MinnPost reports the Senate is expected to take up the measure after the House.

Senate unveils $496 million bonding bill

The Senate bill unveiled Wednesday comes in midway between Gov. Dayton's $775 million request and the House's own offer of $280 million. What it includes: Higher ed, construction, roads and bridges. What it doesn't: A new ballpark for the Saints, Minneapolis' Nicollet Mall renovation, Southwest light rail and more.